Better Every Year



Under skilled financial leadership, Bradshaw has recorded consistent growth and robust cash flow in recent years despite challenging economic conditions. Today we have the products, partnerships and management team in place to drive future success. 

STEADY GROWTH - Sales have grown at a compounded annual rate of 9% over the past 5 years.

SUSTAINED PROFITABILITY - Our business model is based on an overriding commitment to customer service combined with efficient use of assets and maintaining strong cash flows and earnings.

INVESTMENT IN BUSINESS - We make timely and prudent investments in our business - our systems, facilities and infrastructure - to meet marketplace challenges and maintain our leadership in the field.

INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE - Bradshaw understands that its 300+ employees are the company. So investing in our people is a priority. As a result, our employee retention rate is better than average with a senior staff having a long average tenure. Our commitment to promoting from within and nurturing the professional growth of our associates ensures Bradshaw's long-term success while creating a motivated and energized workforce.